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Pajama Day, Christmas Chapel, and Christmas Party

We had popcorn and gingerbread men cookies on Pajama Day. We got to lay down on the rug to watch The Star. Margaret did so well playing the piano at Christmas Chapel. We were all so proud of her. Eating good at the Christmas party!Kate wanted a picture with the banner that they worked hard on for the Christmas party.

Getting ready for Christmas and Kasen’s birthday

They love rainy day yoga!Beth the elf took the sucker that sweet June gave me! (But she put it back on my desk before she flew to the North Pole that night. June was very concerned about this.😂)We have 21 books to St. Jude for Christmas.❤️Kasen is 5!

Elf Scavenger Hunt

The elf left a note in the back of the book telling us that we needed to work as a team to find the clues that would help us find her!The first clue was sticking out of the line leader’s backpack. Clue #1: This place is only open on Friday for FUN. Luke found the clue in the kitchen. Lyla Claire found clue #3: Can you find me? I’m behind the color GREEN.Kate spotted the elf!They did so well working together to find the clues! Her name is Bethlehem Star, but we call her Beth for short.