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Birthdays and Bears

We painted these bears with a fork to make their fur.  Kate is 5!  Kate's Dad came to lunch.  Sorting bears by color using fine motor tweezers is much easier for us now than it was in the beginning of the school year! We’re growing and learning so much.   Margaret and Wright are 6!  Margaret and Wright's Mom brought donuts to lunch.  Chapel birthday song. Some of us get nervous up there. (:

Valentine's Day / PDS Kindness Week

They were looking forward to passing out Valentine's treats all week long!  The moms worked so hard to make sure we had the best party ever.
 Making glittery Valentine's Day slime was awesome!

 All of us always try to practice being kind in Mrs. Goss's class,  but these kiddos did so when they didn't think anyone was watching.  During Kindness Week Lyla Claire helped her friend get back up after falling down.  Kasen helped a friend pick up a mess without hesitating or being asked.  Mollie Cynclair encouraged a friend when they were  trying something new on the playground.  Making shapes and pictures on geoboards with rubber bands.

Eric Carle

We made Grouchy Ladybugs and expressed what made us grouchy.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar  The Very Lonely Firefly.  We painted the wings with a similar method that Eric Carle uses in his illustrations. After reading Pancake, Pancake we were all craving some.  Thankfully Mrs. Ann Marie Pate showed 4K how to make Pancakes!  Pancakes for snack! They loved them.

100th Day of School Celebration! (and letter Q)

Q is for Quarterback! We had so much fun making our 100th day snack mix, but they enjoyed eating it even more!  We attempted to put together a 100 piece puzzle and make a wall of 100 solo cups.  We realized 100 is a big, big number!